Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have a very vivid imagination.
My dreams are bursting with color and action and weirdness.

(Remember the ghost mermaid dream?  Or the God frogs?)

I was at Third Monday Trade Days recently and saw this carving out of tree fungus.

I can't decide if he's good or bad.
Surprised or angry.

But, he's ingrained in my memory now,
and it occurred so instantaneously that I knew the moment I saw him I had to take his photo.

I'm searching for a good name for him.
I didn't buy him, but he needs a name.
He just does.


Justine said...

Made out of tree fungus? Gross!

Can't think of a name for him.

Justine :o )

jaydubblah said...

Hi, he looks like a "green man" which is something we know about here in UK, a kind of wood spirit.

Kristin said...

He looks like a fun guy! *rimshot*