Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cows kind of look like Aliens

I was driving down a country road today
and had to pull over when I spotted a large group of cows.

No one suspects cows of anything.
They're so big and sweet and innocent.

They could be plotting terrorism for all I know.

One of them decided to come check me out...

Look at this bizarre hump on it's back.
What's its purpose?

I think I know...

And look at these ears!

Why do cows need such large ears?

Radar detection?
flying capability?

And then I saw the tongue.

It was the tongue that sealed the deal.

Anything with a tongue like that...has to be alien!!

I'm on to you, ALIENS!

I'm keeping an eye on them.

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eileeninmd said...

VCute post and captions. I love your cow, those ears and tongue and that hump. Is it like a camel's hump?
Great photos.

Michael said...

Yep. Definitely a bad case of alien Skrulls there. They chase my sister every time they see her. Nice pics.

S Club Mama said...

those are really odd looking cows...

Cristin said...

Cows are my favorite.

SquirrelQueen said...

After seeing your evidence I decided that maybe you are on to something.....

Great post, that is funny.

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sanjeet said...

They chase my sister every time they see her. Nice pics.
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Carlota Vasconcelos said...

They are not aliens!! Cows are cute, sweet and totally inoccent creatures!!!! But I'd really like the play. :D

haktech said...

cows are really aliens..hehehe...we eat alien steaks.. yum yum