Monday, February 2, 2009

Toys Mystery Photo Tour

I used to do mystery photos a few times a month,
then I forgot about it for a while.
Until last week.
And last week was so much fun, I decided to do it again soon.


I'm going to give you a hint for these.
I took the boys to Toys R Us this weekend to browse (no buying),
to get gift ideas for Donny's birthday coming up.

So, all the photos were taken at the toy store.








These may be too bonus points for extra details.

And if you have no idea, crazy, wild guesses are greatly appreciated!


Rudee said...

Well the first one has to be Raggedy Ann (or Andy). I haven't a clue with the rest. The last looks like a Teddy Bear (or Annie wearing a red coat).

Mama Dawg said...

Absolutely no clue...but here goes.

Raggedy Andy
Toy truck grill
purse straps
huge metallic grasshopper
shredded money
big wheels tire grooves
santa's hat

Unknown said...

Stupid work computer - my monitor is so pathetic and dark that I can hardly see the pics. I know the first is Raggedy Ann & Andy sitting next to each other on a shelf, looking up at the ceiling of the toy store, counting the holes in the tiles.

Valarie Lea said...

1. Raggedy Ann or Andy head, or some kind of rag doll

2. ????

3. Elastic hair things, To be exact I think its head bands.

4. A chest plate of some sort

5. The side of some packaging for action figures.

6. Wheel of a battery operated 4-wheeler or truck

7. Teddy bear with a red shirt on.

Cristin said...

1. Raggedy Ann or Andy

2. Knives, really, you need to find a safer toy store.

3. Frilly Girl thing

4. SuperHero Boy thing

5. Random plastic packaging.

6. BigWheel wheel

7. You had Annie stuffed and put her on the shelf at the toy store, you sick freak.

Amy said...

1. Raggedy Ann or Andy
2. video game system of some sort
3. ribbons or bookmarks
4. a shoe
5. gift boxes

no clue on the rest, I tried!

Momo Fali said...

1. Raggedy Ann
2. Um...I really have no idea
3. Wow. I really stink at this.
4. Batman figure.
5. What the?
6. A tire off one of those big, battery-operated cars.

Anonymous said...

1. Raggedy Ann or Andy
2. Looks like plastic sausages
3. Shoelaces?
4. Batman chest plate (or possibly one of the bad guy Transformers?)
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Plastic Truck tire
7.Stuffed Bear (perhaps Paddington?)

Burfica said...

1. Raggedy Ann and Andy hair
2. Xelephone
3. Shoelaces or some other girlie frilly thing.
4. Super hero costume. Transformers maybe.
5. Kalidescope???
6. Plastic tire or engine block??
7. Stuffed bear wearing clothes.

Erika Jean said...

1. Raggedy ann/andy
2. The edges of a bunch of dvds?
3. headband things to keep the hair out of your face.
4. The bottom of one of your kids shoes
5. cards?
6. bigwheel plastic tire
7.a stuffed animal wearing a backpack?

Mariah said...

1) Raggedy Ann or Andy

2) Electronic guitar


4)something from Star Wars


6)Under the hood of a toy car

7) stuffed annie dog with a scarf

Lula! said...

I got Raggedy Ann or Andy.

Rhea, you know I am NEVER good at these things. Remember that time I thought you posted maggots all up in here. Happy memories...

Swirl Girl said...

1)raggedy anne doll
2)trim or ribbon?
3)star wars mask or something like that

the last one looks like a build a bear in clothes.

Justine said...

1) Raggedy Ann and Andie
2) String instrument
3) shoe laces
4) Some kind of boy ride-on thingy.
5) Folders
6) Fuck should I know? What the fuck?
7) A stuffed Annie dog!!!!!

Justiney :o )

Shannon said...

"these may be easy"... even with the so-called-"hint" that these were taken in a toy store, I am notfinding these to be "easy"

Here's all I got:

1. Raggedy Ann/Andy

4. some kind of boody armour/sports pads

6. tire

John Deere Mom said...

Yay! I didn't miss it!

1.Raggedy Ann/Andy
2. train tracks
3. hair things
4. transformer
7.stuffed animal

Jill said...

1. Raggedy Ann
7. Big wheel tire

The rest I am lost!

Linda said...

I love these ... can I steal the idea for my blog? My daughter loves to take the close up photos.

1. Raggedy Ann and Andy. And I think they're holding hands.
2. Monster truck grill.
3. hmmm ... hair thingies, for girls.
4. some sort of gladiator/transformer body armor
5. stickers for a skateboard
6. a tire on one of those ride along jeeps
7. something from the christmas clearance rack.
Gosh I'm terrible at this. Can't wait to hear what they really are.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

1. Raggedy Ann or Andy.
2. Monster truck grill
3. Friendship bracelets
4. Armor from a Transformer figure
5. The edges of a bunch of skateboards.
6. Tire from a battery operated truck
7. Stuffed puppy with a red scarf.

lynette355 said...

1 raggedy ann and andy
3. hair bands
4. body armor
5. gift bags
6. tire
7. stuffed bear

Aunt Julie said...

1. Raggedy Ann and Andy side-by-side
2. Computer vent
3. Knit stocking cap
4. Lights in the ceiling of a car
5. One of those clamshell plastic packaging thingys.
6. Tire grooves on the tire of a kid's plastic dumptruck.
7. The red is a blanket or doggy coat on the (beige) fur of your Yellow Lab.

Angie's Spot said...

The first one is the only one I had any clue about. Of course, I'm late to the party, so I already know the answers. Sigh. I really like this feature too!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I've been hoping you'd do these again, and then I missed it - of COURSE!!