Monday, February 23, 2009

Barbie's thoughts on a Star Wars gun ship

Working full time, parenting, and everything else I'm trying to do,
is kicking my butt,
so I've called in some guest bloggers this week to help out.

My first guest blogger: Barbie

When she stopped by my house to talk about possibly blogging, she saw my 12 yr old son, Donny's Lego Star Wars Republic Gun Ship...
and was horrified by the intergalactic transportation.

She immediately agreed to guest post, if I would let her talk about how she would change this gun ship into a more luxurious vehicle.

Donny received this Lego kit for his birthday a few weeks ago,
it was close to 1000 pieces, and it took him about two days to put together.

Here is one of the front compartments that opens, where there are some main controls.
Barbie thinks a full vanity with make-up, nail polish and beauty products needs to go there instead.

There are pilots on the wings of this gun ship.

Barbie thinks there do need to be extra drivers and mirrors on her vehicle,
but she would have them wear pink.
They would definitely help her cut back on accidents.

Another compartment that opens on the ship contains this bluish tube.
The tube is where they hold prisoners...or it can hold sick people and heals them.
Pretty handy double-purpose, huh?

Barbie thinks a tanning bed should fit in there.
So she can tan on the go.

This is the main part of the ship where passengers ride.

Barbie would love to have more passengers in her vehicle as well,
but she would install a full-service alcoholic bar and limo-style seating.

With surround sound stereo and flat screen TVs, of course.

Obi-Wan and the Storm Troopers think Barbie's nuts.

Barbie thinks flat irons and blow dryers are more helpful than light sabers.

Now, here's the rear of the ship, where a ramp opens and a speeder bike comes out.

Barbie sees no need for a speeder bike because it would totally mess up her hair.
So, she would put in a shopping cart.
a gold-plated, monogrammed one.

This is an opening on the top middle area of the ship where two recon droids are stored.

Barbie doesn't understand droids or recons.
But she thinks a moon roof would go perfectly here.

This is the top front of the ship. Where two pilots sit.

Once again, Barbie totally gets the need for several drivers.
You know, in case she needs a designated driver,
and so she can work on her make-up while she drives...

But, once again, she needs them to wear pink.
And be totally hot.

Barbie also thinks the ship needs new color, a more professional paint job, and plush interior.
Oh, and all those guns?
Like, strobe lights and stereo speakers would go there instead.

She also thinks Obi-Wan (the younger one) is totally hot.
I agree.

What modifications would you make to the gun ship?

My other guest bloggers this week will include
my mother and The Bug, my sister.

Any good questions or ideas for them?


lynette355 said...

I bet Obi-Wan is standing in the door waving at Barbie and saying,
"Bye now, Bye Bye, Bye now, Bye Bye!"

Mom how did you get through puberty with Rhea? Is that when her brain started making up conversations with toys???? LOL

Bug? Why you let Rhea call you bug? What do you call her?????

Screwed Up Texan said...

I think all the tools and guns should also be a nice Barbie pink. Totally feminine. Like Totally.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Where are the cupholders? I must have cup holders. I think that is why we got our van. It has 6 cupholders right by the drivers side. Plus six in the back. It might be enough.

And questions. Lynette's question. How did sweet little innocent Rhea end up with mad interviewing skills and alien children?

Beth said...

That ship is amazing!! I know Barbie wants to change it all about but your son did a great job putting that together!! I'm a barbie girl but I love Legos too!

Mama Dawg said...

Barbie had me up until the gold plated shopping cart. Then she got a bit excessive.

Red from Ktown said...

Love it!! I Love legos!!!! I love this lego/barbie twist.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Very cute! I love playing with my kid's toys.

Michelle said...

My Barbie always drives while applying her own makeup, drinking a Starbucks, texting and eating a McMuffin. Extra, more careful, drivers are over-rated.

Sally-Ann said...

The Barbies in our house have been banished to a large rubbermaid tote. The living room is in full lego and brio mode, with a few Thomas the tank engines thrown in for good measure. But I agree with Kat - you can never have enough cup holders.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love Legos Star Wars stuff, and that ship is amazing.

'This is not the nail polish you are looking for...' :D

Jen said...

I agree with Barbie's changes. Much better, Thanks.
I can't wait to read the guest posts.

Cristin said...

As I read this all I could think was that Barbie is such a whore she would totally do the whole crew of that lego ship....


Barbie DOES know best. Especially about younger Obi-Wan. ;o)

{leaving some clicky love on my way out}

Skeller said...

Your schedule might be kicking your butt, but at least it's not stifling your highly developed sense of humor.

As the only girl in a household of boys, this post cracked me up!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Barbie's version! Sign me up for the first model!

Anonymous said...

So Funny! My son loves Legos! We buy him all of these mega-expensive kits and they end up disassembled within days. We have a huge Lego bin worth at least $1000. Scary!

Valarie Lea said...

Yeah I think Barbie has some pretty cool ideas going there.

Mom and Bug what was Rhea really like when she was younger????

Claremont First Ward said...

Wow. That's some ship!

Susie said...

Toooooo funny:-)

Anonymous said...

I gotta say - I never knew Barbie was so smart. I've been totally underestimating her for years.

Unknown said...

When I see lego's I wish I would have had a boy.... or at least a tomboy...


Misty DawnS said...

I'm thinking Donny's ship is WAY more cool than Barbie's ideas... then again, I'm a tom boy through and through! I'll take guns over anything pink any day ;-)

Yes, I wanna know what "Bug" calls Rhea.

Misty DawnS said...

I'm thinking Donny's ship is WAY more cool than Barbie's ideas... then again, I'm a tom boy through and through! I'll take guns over anything pink any day ;-)

Yes, I wanna know what "Bug" calls Rhea.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I think that Barbie makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

That was so cute. Love it, Barbie should def. redo the ship!

Lula! said...

Barbie, honey...right there with ya.

(Rhea--you are brilliant. Why are you not famous?)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

That is the most elaborate lego toy, ever.

I love the barbie going for a ride.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Totally Barbie-fied. That's my kind of space ship.