Friday, January 16, 2009

Gnome me, please

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I have something to confess.

I'm really into mythology...and I want a garden gnome.

Today, Gnomes are traditionally thought of as being small, bearded and wearing pointed, colorful, conical hats. They live in natural areas close to the Earth, care for wildlife, and are more benevolent than other folkloric creatures. They are made in various poses and pursuing various pastimes, such as fishing or napping.

I want one.
Maybe it will help me be a better gardener?

Every now and then I get a wild hair and just want something strange.
So I decided to look around online.

And look, I found an University of Texas Longhorn Gnome!

Then there's this little guy.
I thought he just looked surprised,
and then I read the description below:

He looks cute enough, but when you pass by, this Farting Gnome lets out unexpected gassy explosions along with a series of several seam-splitting comments sure to stun his victims. Hidden motion sensor is sure to surprise all that cross his path.

And then, there was this one. Which I can't believe I'm putting on the blog...
but how much would you start laughing if you came across this is someone's garden?!!

I'm so glad it's Friday!!!
Our weekend began last night, because the boys have Friday and Monday off from school,
so it's a long, four day weekend for us.

Any weekend plans?
I'm going to our local Trade Days!!


Cathy said...

I want a little gnome or something to travel with me and log his travel. I like the full moon one.

This weekend we have dance on Sunday but have to go up the niht before to be there in time so we don't have to drive 3 hours that morning. I'm not sure which is worse.

Have a great weekend.

lynette355 said...

1st gnomes=cool
2nd where is your trade days. that is some of the best stuff i have ever seen at one. (went and checked out that post)
3rd the Texas chapter of EX-POWS is having their annual confernce in our town this weekend. So will visit with them.
4th get to go to dinner at a friends house Sat night. Looking forward to that.

Inspiration CAN be found EVERYWHERE said...

I LOVE you gnomes. But I really missed the travelocity gnome - surely that was in your online search.

Happy gnome searching.

Mama Dawg said...

I HAVE to have the last two gnomes. For real. The farting one would totally make my DAY, WEEK, MONTH!

As for the mooning one? Brilliant.

Yeah, I'm a twelve year old boy. Deal with it. LOL!

Unknown said...

LOL... Love the inappropriate gnome... I would want a little naked gnome man fountain who... well.. you know... does what a nake gnome would do.

I do have plans for the weekend but I don't want to tell you cause you'll be jealous.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll run into you at Trade Days! I haven't been in months.

And we only have Monday off from school...bummer!

And I LOVE the mooning gnome...he would definitely fit in with my family!!

Denyse said...

I love gnomes. I'm not sure why either. I don't have any, but I do have a pair of Traveling Gnome pajamas. Hope you find the perfect one at the Trade Days.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I have never been a gnome person. But maybe because I don't really have a garden. And because I am not a big fan of "stuff." Does a gnome count as "stuff?"

I cannot wait to see what you might find at the trade days. Your pictures from there are always so cool.

And I know what Lizzy's plans are. :-)

Captain Dumbass said...

What's with the Playgirl pose on the first one?

All Things BD said...

Well, I came down with a cold today, so my weekend plans include a lot of laying around and groaning. :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

You are cracking me up! Those are some pretty hilarious gnomes. And, what's funnier, is that if they are made...somebody must buy them.

Happy Friday:)

Momo Fali said...

A Texas Longhorn gnome? You're trying to torture me, aren't you?

Jen said...

those gnomes are great!!! I especially love the last one.

bernthis said...

my favorite is the one who farts. I'm sorry but that look is exactly the one my dad gives when he has 'shared" with us and then denies it

Britt said...

My hubs has a thing for gnomes too. He wants a whole bunch of them, scattered across the lawn.

A friend of mine told me about these statue things they make call Gnome Catchers, or something like that .. you put your Gnome in it's arms, and it looks like it's eating your Gnome, or carrying them away.

If he'd let me put that butt-up gnome in my garden, I'd let him plant them all over the yard =-) And that farting one? I need him by my front door, thanks.

Pseudo said...

Love the mooning gnome! Yes, I would totally crack up if Isaw that in a garden.

We're int fairies at our house. Especially daughter.

You should also check out menehunes. Little Hawaiian gnome type people.

Mariah said...

I like the 'mooning' gnome. Gnomes are just cool!

KimmyJ said...

Gnomes are too close to clowns that creep me out. Though I admit some are cute.

Justine said...

But that farting gnome for my mother. She would ADORE it! One of her favorite Christmas gifts this year was the farting, bare-assed bank I got her.
So, did you buy any of the above?
What is trade days?

Mikayla is going to the MOSH museum tonight with her girl scout troop for a lockdown. Meaning, they get to sleep in the museum, and roam around. Sounds fun, eh?
Btw... I'm freezing!

Justine :o )

Swirl Girl said...

The mooning gnome is hysterical!

We are off to Disneyland to celebrate my baby's 5th ...

Valarie Lea said...

I bet your garden will be over run with gnomes this spring!!

Susie said...

My MiL gives me gnomes for my garden. I think it adds a little whimsy:-)

Sally-Ann said...

We have a gnome in our garden. I would like to have the farting one for the shock value.
This weekend? Hot date with my hubby at the Costco food court. Whoo hooo! Hey, it is cheap and it is alone time!!

Linda said...

I've wanted a gnome ever since I saw the movie Amelie. Have you seen it?

Weekend plans ... clean clean clean inside and out. A very unmotivated woohoo.

Aunt Julie said...

I think they should make The Great Gnome Duo: A UT Gnome mooning an Aggie Gnome. Whaddaya think?

Megan said...

Those gnomes are hilarious! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! =)

Shannon said...

Ok, I first thought the Longhorns gnome was pretty cool...

...but the farting gnome?


vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

That would be just like a tu gnome to do something fruity and moon a Aggie gnome!! I think the best yards would have to have an aTm gnome.... ;P

Marrdy said...

I have a son who is crazy about gnomes. He left one in my bed one night. Now they freak me out!

j said...

Gnomes are just plain COOL. I am pro-gnome and have a couple myself. But I wont put mine outside because I want to keep them fresh and new. So I have gnomes with cabin fever. It could get a little dicey around here if they revolt.

You know they like to roam.