Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Neon paint, loud music and stinky feet, oh my!

Can you guess what happens inside this building?
I don't have pictures of the outside, just the inside this time.
You see this vibrant green and yellow wall?
I chose this color scheme for my dining room!!
No, ok, really, I didn't.
There are glass-block windows throughout.
Is that a dated look?
Does it bring anything certain to mind?
This is NOT a bar.
Kids flock here.
And some scary adults who aren't tiny shorts...

Oh, my god, that reminds me. The other day, the boys and I were driving down a road in our small town, and remember how I told you that there's lots of farm land around here and corn fields? Well, we passed one of the usual little farms between subdivisions, and I called out to the boys, "Look guys, there are the mules!" and realized as I said it that maybe now wasn't the best time to bring attention to the mules. Ummm....yep, a total R rated moment on the side of the road. One mule was ON TOP OF the other.

So, we had to have a little talk about animals and mating. That was fun.

Did you know that mules are the progeny of a horse and a donkey? AND, that mules can't reproduce? Or something like that. Isn't that weird?

So I guess they were just, umm...having fun.

Ok, so, I was off on a tangent here or as my Latin teacher used to call it, a non sequitur.

Back to the mystery building. This picture features a broken window.

Ummm, hmmm, not sure I want to know what happened here.

Something went through this window.

A crackberry? A cell phone?

A brawl between parents?

A large "Big Hair" do on a Texas mom?

Here's the ceiling. Have you figured out where we are yet?

Ok, here's a big clue. The carpet. Niiiice, huh? Makes a fashion statement for sure.

And, the biggest clue of's what's on Remy's stinky little feet.

And Donny's. (It's official, his feet are larger than mine!!)

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm sorry, but I need to let you know you're retarded.

I know that's not the PC term, so I apologize, but seriously.

It's a roller skating rink!!

Now, my boys have only been skating a handful of times in their life, so they were very excited but also a little nervous, because they know about falling.

They weren't ready to join in those hokey dances in the middle or any of the races, so they watched from the side whenever those happened.

These are the shoes they wore before they put on the skates. Remy's favorite color is red (although this pair looks a little pink, don't tell him that though!) and Donny's really into the Longhorns right now. HOOK EM HORNS!

Here are MY shoes. And they didn't come off. I didn't skate this time.

Why didn't I skate, you ask? Because of my thumb. It's still sore and messy, but at least I have graduated from the scary lobster claw bandage to a much sleeker Scooby Doo bandaid.

You see, I can skate...but I know I'm going to fall, because I do every time, at least once or twice. And, if I fall while I have this thumb problem, I'm going to re-open the injury and it's going to really, really hurt. Even now if I bump my thumb against anything, I screech in pain. And I bump it a lot. I'm a total clutz.

Did I tell you about the time I fell off the stage during my 8th grade play Bye, Bye, Birdie? Story for another time perhaps. It involved blood, tears and embarrassment. And a poodle skirt.

Anyway, back to the kids. They're much more exciting than I am, playing with my camera on the sidelines, texting my hubby and trying to figure out my new toy (more on that later).

Donny's starting to get the hang of it. He's moved away from the wall even!

Remy, however, hasn't let go of the wall once. He's glued to that thing.

And still manages to fall a little. He's extremely athletic, but slightly clumsy at times too.

However, his big brother, who he had been fighting with in the car just minutes ago, comes to his rescue and skates with him for a while, to help him get the hang of it and give him a pep talk.

At one point, Remy decides he's done. He doesn't want to skate anymore. We'd been there for about 15 minutes. He took his skates off. I told him he didn't have to skate, but that he was going to be disappointed with himself for giving up so easily.

I was reminded of this post I read recently on OhMommy's blog, Classy Chaos, about perseverance. I reminded Remy that learning to swim was hard at first. And, that learning to ride a bike was hard at first. I told him that with practice, it would get easier. I told him he didn't have to go back out there, but that we were staying for Donny to skate, and that I knew he could do it, if he didn't give up. I told him that he would be proud of himself if he didn't give up now. He huffed and puffed, stormed off for a while, then came back and put the skates back on.

And, he skated the rest of the time, getting better and braver with each passing minute. Donny stepped up again and gave him some pep talks out on the roller rink. They played games where they would meet up at certain spots. And, the next time Remy passed Donny, they gave each other a High Five. It was a moment that made me proud. I love my boys.

And next time we go to the roller rink, I'm totally gonna skate.


j said...

Not in a million years will you EVER get me on roller skates again. EVER. Cause it REALLY hurts to fall now. So not EVER.

Sorry about your thumb. ;)


Utter Basketcase said...

At first I was guessing sum kind of fun factory, and then I thought maybe some kind of disco place... but it all made sence in the end!

I miss skating!

So much fun!


Angie's Spot said...

How fun!!! It makes me nostalgic for my youth and the many hours I spent in roller skating rinks. I can't wait for my girls to be big enough to go enjoy them again. Glad your thumb is on the mend! Hope it stops hurting very soon. :-)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I didn't even know that these things still existed! I remember going when I was younger, but I haven't seen one in ages!

Love the High 5 moment! Brotherly love!

Karen said...

Your boys ard darling! I haven't been rollar skating in ages. I bet my kids would love that.

I missed what happened to your thumb. I will have to go back and read. I hope it feels good as new soon.

Rhea said...

Jennifer - Uh, oh, sounds like you had a bad fall skating. I hearin' ya. falling = no fun.

Giggle/Rae - Do you guys have skating rinks over in Aussie land? I'm so glad to see you commenting again! I've missed you!

Angie - Roller skating rinks seem to be permanently stuck in the past. Their decore is the same...but the current music and occasional inline skate reminds you what decade you're in.

Krystyn - We had to really search to find one in the area, but they're still around! And fun.

Karen - I'm clumsy, and I manage to injure myself all the time. ALl THE TIME!! thanks for stopping by!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Nope. Not gonna do it. The girls don't skate that often...and they are rather clutzy...but there is just no way I would get out there with them. Good for you that you will. It takes all my presence of mind just to go to the pool in a swimsuit...

Rhea said...

Kat - I see some moms out there just flying around the rink. Yep, not me. I'll inch my way at first, wobble quite a big and have no photos to prove it. thank god.

Believe it or not, I never roller skated as a child, but I did have roller blades. I can roller blade dadgumit.

Jennifer S said...

I don't skate well at all, but this makes me think I should take my kids. I bet they would love it. (My son has gone before, during summer camp.)

It's great that Remy stuck with it and ended up having fun.

I love your new blog design!

Hope your thumb feels better soon.

Mama Dawg said...

Oh, I used to love skating. And I was pretty good (at least for a 10 year old).

I went not too long ago w/my kid (who's like Remy and is terrified of skating but is slowly getting better) and I was showing off on the skate floor.

Well, you can surely guess what happened next...I fell and busted my heinie. It was totally embarrassing.

My daughter didn't see it, thank goodness. Yet I still felt the need to confess it to her. She laughed.

Heather said...


tearese said...

At first I thought it was an indoor pool, till you showed the carpet. I loved the Roller Rink. OUrs had a big fantasy painting on one wall, totally Dungeons and Dragons. I always fell down too.

Rhea said...

Jennifer H - Thanks for comin by! You should definitely take your kids. It's fun.

Mama Dawg/Amily - Oh,no! Not a hiney-busting moment! Those are the worst.

Heather - I don't have many memories of skating growin up, but I'm making some with my kids. :o)

Rhea said...

Tearese - Oh, I like the idea of a big mural on the wall. Very cool. I saw kids dropping like flies yesterday. I cringed everytime I saw one go down. And laughed. lol

Insane Mama said...

I totally thought it was a bowling alley!! PS I got the hat, THANKS
I need to take a picture of it on my dog Amy so you can show itto Annie

KP said...

aw this is so cute. your boys are adorable!

miri68 said...

Hi there! Saw your blog on another and thought it sounded cool, and it is! Love it! I knew it was a skate rink--we have a Thunderbird in our area that my boys love to go to. I won't get out there either, and can't rollerblade, although I did a lot when I was younger. Many cute boys at the rink!

Melissa said...

oh gosh... I LOOOVED roller skating! Nothing say preteen love like a slow wheeling song while hand in hand :)

Rhea said...

Insane Mama - Glad the hat arrived! I would love to see a picture of it on Amy, so Annie can see it. hehe

KP - Thanks! I loved the pictures of you wearing your hat too!

Miri68 - So nice to meet a fellow Texan! I think we were at the very same Thunderbird you mentioned. We don't have a roller rink in our town so we had to go find one.

Motherhood for Dummies - I bet it's been a while since you've gone skating, huh?!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to a roller rink in FOREVER!

Me likey the new layout, by the way!

Unknown said...

Your boys are so cute... Love the high 5! You are such a good mommy! I didn't even know they still had skating rinks...

CrystalChick said...

Even if I didn't have an injury I'd put on a Scooby Doo bandaid and pretend because I am TERRIBLE at skating, and even though I'm only 43....going on 73... there are probably a few brittle bones just waiting for me to pull a freakish stunt like donning skates. I'll stay on the sidelines and photograph thankyou, which I think it just as fun.

Looks like the boys had a nice time! Good for you all. Or is it y'all?

Andrea said...

I loooove skating rinks! We went recently and my legs thanked me later~

You guys have such a great time! We are in Texas now (Panhandle). As we roll through central Texas next week I will give you a big Texas wave :). We will be the van full of kids, suitcases, dvd's, etc. :)

The CDM said...

Am I the only one who at first glance at the yellow and green paint and said to theirself, "LEGO LAND!"?

Anonymous said...

Rhea, thanks for the advice. I will definitely be looking into V8.My friend babysat today and told me that the kids actually only drank water. So now I know it is possible!! P.S. Can't wait to take my boys to skate.

Rhea said...

Cotton Wife/Jennifer - I'm glad you like the new layout! I smile everytime I see it.

American in Norway/Tressa - Awww, thanks! I try to be a good mommy, but no one's perfect. Are there skating rinks in Norway?

Crystal Chick - You're hilarious. I need to remember that trick actually. (note to self, carry around bandaids in purse for when in sticky situations you want to get out of doing something). It is y'all, not you all, sheesh!

Andrea - So good to hear from you! I was wondering how your trip was going and missing the updates on your blog. I'll yell a big HOWDY as you pass down the highway, ok?!

Complaint Department Manager - Shhh!! Don't mention Lego Land! My boys will want to go...I've never taken them. Bad Rhea. BTW, I'm glad you're luck is changin', my friend.

Perez Family - Yay! The kids drank water! My youngest used to ONLY drink apple juice, I thought I'd never get him to drink anything else, but finally the tide turned this year. He actually asks for water now! wahoo!! Thunderbird in Plano was where we went.

Jen said...

You are totally awesome!!! I was laughing so hard, I love all the tangents. The neon green was a little scary at first.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness that was great! I haven't roller skated since I was in high school. I don't even think you can find a roller rink around here anymore...BTW, I love the pic you took at the rink of your "bandy" as my kids call them...Oh the lengths we go to for a bloggable moment ;)

Jennifer said...

love the new blog look.. and man oh man do i have to change your URL on my blog roll... now if you click on it.. it totally takes you to some porn sites... i shit you not. lol

i love that you called everyone retards. lol well everyone that didn't get it was a skating rink. lol I know, i know not PC but it was still damn funny!! :D

i also chuckled at falling off the stage in Bye Bye Birdie... ONLY b/c it seems as if you were the birdie going bye bye... sorry. didn't mean to poke fun, and I did read that there was blood and tears, so i'm sorry... really i am and i'm not even laughing any more... pinky swear.

i love that Remy is wearing a different shirt!! although really it did NOT bother me one bit... i actually thought it was pretty cute that he wanted to keep wearing that same one. :)

i also love that Donny went to help Remy up and was giving him some pep talks... what an awesome big brother!! :)

the pic of the high five is great. :) and the fact that Remy didn't give up is priceless!! way to go mom!! :)

hope your thumb heals up fast and starts to feel 100%. that sucks that is still bothering you.


Melissa Lee said...

Oh, yes...

2 Remi's.
2 attorney husbands.
And both Native Texans.

Maybe you should come over for some fajitas.


Jennifer said...

um... yeah. not to brag or anything... but I LOVE that I just found your blog not that long ago... and I love reading it by the way!! :) but i love that I'm not the commenter list... you know that list of the most comments!! but it sucks that I'm at the bottom of it... so I just want to say to everyone on the list ... watch out I'm coming for you!! lol.
now don't you worry I will not be leaving random comments just to make my way to the top...

well okay... at least not like every day or anything. :) lol

but i do know that you would get to know me better if I did... so maybe I will just leave a real comment and then one random fact about myself... just so you and I can become better friends.

just sayin'.

so watch out... Kat with your 33 comments... and the rest of you too, I'm comin'!!



Jennifer said...

oh and yeah... this isn't just to make another comment...

seriously it isn't.

all you others that are readin' this... stop hatin'. I said that I was going to leave a comment w/ something about me, so you will be able to get to know me better...

so here it is... one random fact about me...

I'm slightly competive!! lol


KG said...

Man - I LOVED roller skating back in the 80's. I even had a skating party! Oh - and I think my hair was crimped for the occasion.

Rhea said...

OMG. I just clicked on the link to my old site and I almost died! Hard core porn!! Oh, lordy.

Rhea said...

Jen - I'm glad I made you laugh! That is totally my goal, to entertain and share laughter.

Debbie - I'm getting shameless in my search for good post material. Seriously. It's scary.

Jennifer - Thanks for your visit and all your great comments tonight! I'm competitive too. And, thanks for the heads up on the old link going to porn. I'm so embarrassed!!

Melissa Lee - We have a lot in common! I'm so glad you were featured on SITS so that I found you! Fajitas sound wonderful!

Tranny Head - crimpted hair, really?! I love the imagery! I never did that, but loved seeing others who did. hehe

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

ooooh, skating, I was a total roller queen in middle school. full on suede boots w/ the glitter laces and glitter wheels. girl, I had the moves. I might have to dig up a picture and post!!! gotta call mom for that one, though.

you are so lucky your boys can skate w/o clinging to you. i love to skate, but I always come home w/ a backache. and I have to claim a few laps (is that the right word) as "mom's only" so i can get my groove on. : )

Skeller said...

Fun, funny post.

And your BLOG LOOKS AWESOME!!! But you dropped off my Google Reader. I can see from the post below, I'll have to remedy that!!

Wasn't Darcy just wonderful to work with?!?

Utter Basketcase said...

Heehee Good to be back!

Yup! We do have skating rinks over here, my personal favourite is iceskating, but you don't see too many adults in the rink anymore :-( So ya stick out like a sore thumb and it's awkward! xx

Valarie Lea said...

It has been forever since I skated. One of my Dads friends owned our local roller rink. I can remember one time me and my boyfriend were sneaking a kiss. (blush) and the owner caught us and said umm Valarie your Dad is over there waiting on you. Talk about embarrasing!!

Valarie Lea said...

Crap Jennifer is about to catch up with my comments!!!

Valarie Lea said...

Now I can't let her do that. :)

John Deere Mom said...

Dude. I totally knew where you were from the first pic! The last time I was in a roller skating rink, I was about 14? and some creepy high school kid was trying to cop a feel. Yeah. Haven't been back since.

angela | the painted house said...

Really, people still skate??? I can remember the butterflies in my stomach right before the couple skate...only to have the pimply dork ask me for a spin. No way are my hands clasping yours.

Glad your little man kept trying to improve his skill!

Cristin said...

I was a roller queen growing up... now I've moved on to roller blades.. I wonder how I'd do on the old school skates... Now I wanna go!!!

Rhea said...

Uberburber - You have GOT to dig up one of your roller queen photos. I'd love to see it. And, I with you on backaches. Labor does something to women's backs, I swear. Ever since I had my boys, my back hasn't been the same. And, then there's my mammoth busoms....

Skeller/Susan - Sorry for dropping off your Google Reader. I'm still here! Just looking different (did you see my skinny legs and tiny waist?) and at a new address. And, yes, I love Darcy, she totally rocks!

Giggle/Rae - You need to start a new fad and get adults roller skating again in OZ. Ice skating is fun too. I have never taken my boys to do that...I need to. I sense another field trip coming up soon!

Valarie - Ooooooooh, you got caught makin' out at a roller rink! hehe Memories. Such fun. Totally embarrassing at the time though, I know. How fun your dad's friends owned a roller rink though, that is awesome!

John Deere Mom/Angie - Oh, no! Someone tried to cop a feel at the roller rink? That's just wrong. I'd be traumatized too...or ready to go back and kick some butt with my cowgirl boots on, because that's what they're good for. Kickin' butt.

Angela - I don't have any childhood memories of skating, honestly. I guess my parents never took me. I've been deprived and neglected (ok, so they took me to Europe, I'll forgive them). And, yes, people still skate, at least here in Texas. :o)

Cristin - Please do go skating soon. I totally need to read a story about Graham pooping in a roller rink. (hehe) But seriously, any story of you in a roller rink, I know it's gonna be good.

Jules said...

Well i looked at the picture of your nail and thought, oooo, I like her toe nail color, but her fingers look awesome! And then, sigh, noticed that it was a bandage.
Hope your finger is all better now!