Monday, July 21, 2008

Mystery Photos

Can you guess what these three mystery photos are?

Were these too easy?


I am Laura said...

First one: Tupperware lids
second one: a crazy craft idea
third one: a pool noodle

Shannon said...

Are they all pool toys?

1st pic is of some dive rings
2nd one, I have no idea
3rd pic is a noodle

Anonymous said...

The top on is a dive ring

The second one is torn up gloves, underwater, stuck on a CD (hehe)

The 3rd one is a noodle.

Jennifer said...

Dive Sticks for the pool.

Flip Flops.

Pool Noodle.

;) I'm surprised it didn't take me longer... b/c I'm pretty fried after the weekend with two bratty, er I mean two little girls that were HOT and slightly cranky. ;)

great pics!!


Skeller said...

Hmmmm, I was going to guess a sprinkler/water toy for the first (but then I couldn't resist reading the posts...), and now I'm in agreement with the last 3 posters.

2nd - no clue.

3rd - so totally obviously a pool noodle. (I managed that one even without your clever posters! ;-)

Great macro photography, Rhea!

Angie's Spot said...

I'm going to have to agree with Jennifer's guesses. The only one I got on my own was the pool noodle. It's too early for my brain to do puzzles. :-)

Beth said...

The first one.. I immediately thought celery. Third.. pool noodle.. Gotta go back and study them!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I agree with Jennifer. Though I was quite stumped by the middle one. Are you going to the pool today? I am holding my girls captive to make them deal with all the toys they don't play with anymore. Say a prayer :-)

Chatterness said...

1st one is licorice
Last one is a swimming noodle

CrystalChick said...

#2 really had me. If Jennifer is right and that's a flip flop then I want to know where Ms. Rhea the Fashionista shops. When I wore them, before things started to annoy me like toe spacers and flopping noises and straps and heat and rain and bugs and children and tight elastic and.. and.. and long lines at Starbucks..... mine were soooo plain. Just rubber. :(

Mama Dawg said...

1. Frisbees?
2. ????
3. Pool noodle.

I love games like this.

Rhea said...

You guys have some great guesses!!

I'll be posting the answers later today...

Anonymous said...

#1: I know it has to be some kind of toy.
#3: Pool Noodle ~ the only one I am sure I am right on.

Great post idea!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

1. colored twizzlers
2. flip flops
3. pool noodle

Did I win?

Danielle said...


Dive rings

I see I'm not the only super sleuth though!! Others have beat me to the answer!

The CDM said...

I can't even begin to make guesses at these things sober, not fair.

Anonymous said...

woo-hoo, I'm still on the board. Barely keeping my head above water. Let's see, I need a

1. licorice
2. silkflowers on a stepping stone and
3. Pool noodle!

i beati said...

game rings flip flops ??? and noodle..Close?? 2nd not so surre

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Hey you have music! Is it in honor of the SITS poll that said no one liked music? Love it!

Jen said...

I think that Krystyn has it. That is what I was going to guess. To bad she said it first.
New camera work.

Unknown said...

I had a cactus plant tha looked a bit like the 1st photo.

Flip flops

Pool noodle

Kelly said...

Before cheating and looking at the comments...I knew #3 - pool noodle. I am still undecided on #1, but I concur with a lot that #2 is a flip flop

Jules said...

Oh, like I could even get these if I tried?!