Monday, July 21, 2008

Mystery Photo - answers

Swim rings, dive rings

Girly flip-flops!

A pink swim noodle!
Congrats to Jennifer for being the first to get it mostly right (she said dive sticks instead of dive rings, minor detail), and congrats to Danielle for getting it completely correct!

No one seemed to have trouble with the swim noodle, and everyone (just about) seemed to have trouble with the flip-flops, (which were not mine but my niece's).

The dive rings got the most interesting answers such as celery, frisbees, tupperware lids, licorice and twizzlers!

Thanks for playing! This was fun.


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I love when you do mystery photos. Might have to do that one day honor of my week of Rhea.

And...are you ever going to explain those boots in your awards section?!

Karen said...

OK, I didn't have a clue on any of those. Well, maybe the noodle but, you definately had me on the others.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Shoot...I didn't win!

Congrats to the winners, though!

Emily said...

Hi Rhea!

Thanks for your comments on my blog today! They were so fun to read! I saw that you are just north of Dallas, SO AM I!

Have a good evening!

Debbie said...

Dagnabit! I missed these posts. Ok...I spent all last night getting everyone onto a reader. It is going to revolutionize my blogging life. I will never miss another Rhea post again!

Emily said...

We are about 30 miles too-- fishy!? Are you in the Plano/Allen/McKinney area?

Jennifer said...


I was FIRST!!! ha ha hahaha!! ;)

I was FIRST!!! na na a poo poo!! ;)


Jennifer said...

OKAY... now that i have that out of my system. lol

this was very fun!! :) I think you should do it once a week!! ~ yes I'm being bossy!! Sorry! :P

also, thanks for the linky love!! :) next time you do this... I'll give ya some linky love... we'll see if anyone else gets it, and we know they will have fun trying. :)


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Darn Jennifer and her double posts. Every time. I can't keep up. I have to be sneaky and come down to another post. And comment about nothing. Just to get my numbers back up again.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

And I noticed that you are now double posting on mine. Your numbers are safe. But mine...I keep getting overtaken.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh...and did you notice how many people want to play mystery photo over at my blog? So funny. What a grand tradition you have started!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

But, man, they are freakin hard to do. Do you take them with the thought of them being mystery photos? I welcome any tips and advice.

Keys to the Magic Travel said... I have to refresh and see if I am queen again...