Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

Some people are the kind worth killing ... that's the conclusion beautiful Lily has come to over the course of her life. Enter the extremely wealthy yet devastated Ted, who is on the same delayed night flight from London to Boston and has just recently discovered his wife is cheating on him. Lily and Ted meet in the airport bar before the flight, continue their conversation on the plane and enter into a dark partnership to kill his wife.

Who meets a random stranger on a plane and trusts them enough to truly consider committing such a  serious crime together? It's an intriguing start, and that's just the beginning of this intricate, psychological thriller, The Kind Worth Killing, by Peter Swanson. It's a story full of unreliable narrators, clever surprises and dark betrayals.

Just when you think you know where the plot is going with this story, it throws some twists and turns and takes you in a new direction. It was one of those books I stayed up reading way past bedtime. I wanted to know who lived and who died ... and who got away with it.

You should read this book if you're plotting to kill someone ... or if you relish reading about sociopaths and coldhearted killers. Would your sense of justice lead you to kill someone who betrayed you?

I bought this book from Amazon for my Kindle. No free books or advanced reader copies for this one. It just looked too good to pass up!

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