Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moments with My Teenager

Let me start by saying, my teenage son,
who's just weeks away from turning 16-years-old,
has been a responsible, trustworthy and pretty laid back teen.
(even when I mess with him)

However, there are occasionally moments.
Moments where he goes spacey ... or gets moody.

In the photo above, he's about to go into his bass lesson,
and he clearly has the moody bit going on.
I don't remember why.
Actually, there didn't need to be a reason.
He just was. Moody.

As for the spacey moments, here's the most recent example:

Monday, he left out chocolate (milk chocolate and caramel kisses. WRAPPED in foil),
which the dog promptly ate while we were gone, foil and all.

The same day, my teenager also almost started a fire in the toaster.

 I'm banning him from food.
All food.

 P.S. the dog is okay, thank god. (Chocolate is toxic to dogs, just in case you didn't know)

P.P.S I just scheduled his driving test at the DPS for his birth day.
(I may need to be medicated for that.)


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