Thursday, July 28, 2011

Treasured Moments with my Boys

As a full-time working parent with a daily commute, the moments I have to spend with my children are fewer and farther between these days.  After having been a stay-at-home mom in their early childhood, it's not easy to see them less and know that I'm missing out on time with them.

I have an amazing support network right now with my mom and my grandmother helping out this summer, but that doesn't soften the blow that full-time working struck a couple of years ago.

That being said, the time I do spend with my boys is precious and wonderful, and here are some of our best moments over the last few weeks:

  1.  Swimming.  On the weekends and sometimes at night after work during the week.  We all enjoy the physical activity and interaction.  My boys never head to the pool without a ball to toss back and forth.  They have a serious ball addiction
  2. Chess.  My 14-year-old son and I have been playing non-stop chess through an app for the iPhone called Chess with Friends.  I think we've played about six games in the last week.  We're sharpening our minds and connecting on a different level.  I love it!
  3. Baseball Games.  My 9-year-old son has been playing summer baseball, and I love the evening games once or twice a week, even though the heat is killer right now.  Not only is it a blast to watch him play, but it's excellent family bonding time for us, their grandparents and even great-grandparent. We even bring Annie to most the games so she can get out and have fun.  Every child within a mile attaches themselves to her. 
  4. America's Got Talent.  I've really enjoyed watching this show with my boys each week.  We discuss talent, and what we liked or didn't like about certain acts or the judge's behavior.  It's great bonding and conversation!

I don't take the moments for granted.  I cherish them and look for more.  Every moment that I'm away from my boys, I'm working to make money to improve their lives or set a good example.  I'm not perfect, I have a lot of flaws, but of one thing there is NO doubt.  I love my boys.

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SharleneT said...

I can't think of anything more exciting and fulfilling than discovering an intellectual link with your children. Not a Mommy level, but a time when you are actually discovering their maturing minds. Serendipity. Enjoy and continue to have a great summer!