Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Great Blog Ideas: When You're Stuck in a Rut or all your creative bones have been zapped out of your body by aliens.

I get in a rut sometimes and find myself weighed down with bad writer's block.

I figure aliens have kidnapped me in my sleep and taken every creative bone in my body out through my...ahem. What I mean is, sometimes I don't have any ideas.

I try to write down ideas in the little blank journal I keep in my purse, so that when I am lost for words...I can turn to my own to help!

Here are some fabulous ideas for blog posts that I found on ProBlogger, a great resource for bloggers:

  • 1. Teach me how to do something - It may be easy for you to make awesome scrapbooks or whip up a fabulous meal...but not for me!  Show me how you do something and share the info. I shared how to paint rocks before.
  • 2. Review a favorite product or service -We all have favorite stores or products. Share! I might need it.
  • 3. Make a prediction -It's OK if you're not an expert. I predict you'll get a few good posts out of this subject.
  • 4. Have you overheard something you shouldn't? - I often catch snippets of conversations that make me stop and wonder what on earth that person was talking about!  Oh, to be a fly on the fall sometimes.
  • 5. Share an embarrassing moment - Boy, do I have plenty of these.
  • 6. Do a Top Ten list - Ahem.  I love lists.  As you can tell.
  • 7. Make me laugh - Do you know any funny jokes? I never remember jokes.  But, please, make me laugh, somehow. Everyone enjoys laughing.
  • 8. Introduce me to someone of interest - We all have someone in our life worth writing about.  You can always change up their identity to keep them secret.  My elderly father is a riot, and I write about him a lot. 
  • 9. Link to something that I need to see or read - I'm always looking for a good book or a new TV show to follow.  Review some! 
  • 10. Tell me your opinion - We all have opinions, and they can differ big time!  What do you think about Facebook?  Do you like the latest fashion? Steer clear of religion and politics unless you want lively debate...

Did this post help you at all?  
Which idea do you like best?  

Are you brimming full of great ideas  now,
or should I go back into my rabbit hole?


NanU said...

I think the 11th is that it's alright to say nothing when you have nothing to say. What's the point in posting just to post? Let it go, and instead go out and have an adventure.

Belle said...

I like all of your ideas and have used many of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Chick of All Trades said...

This is a great blog, and I love these ideas. I think you are a chick I would like to follow! http://www.chickyrama.blogspot.com

Cozyflier said...

I've used several of those, I usually fall back to recipes! I like to share recipes when I draw a blank for blogging!

Thanks for sharing!

smartz said...

Thanks for the ideas. I love how blogging brings out our sense of community.

Dusty Dudley said...

Well, I like them all. However, I wanted to tell you I saw a vehicle this morning that had a window decal from your blog! I thought it was very cool :-)