Monday, January 17, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

We now have rabbits.

Two baby rabbits.

My mother advised against it.  "They smell!"
My stepfather thinks we're nuts.
Our Vet advised against it.  "They cause allergies. They're messy.  Guinea Pigs are better."

And yet, we now have rabbits.

This is Donny's rabbit.  
We've tried different names...I think he's leaning towards Rabberta.

This is Remy's rabbit.
I like the name Lopsy because one ears is falling but the other hasn't yet.

They are both females.
We hope.

The boys and I are in love.

And you know who else LOVES the rabbits?


She can't wait to get her paws on them. 


NanU said...

You should see this blog about Diana's rabbits

Leslie Moon said...

Those bunnies are absolutely adorable!

Leslie Moon said...

Those bunnies are absolutely adorable!

smartz said...

Well, in the off chance that you have a male and a female, you can think of it as a new business startup :>)

Belle said...

Rabberta is the cutest rabbit I have ever seen.

Kate said...

Guinea pigs are better!! ;)

Rhea said...

I think I'd rather Guineas but Remy really, really wanted a rabbit.