Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're re-naming my dad, Lord of the Flies

My dad is in an epic battle with his utility company...although they don't know it.

He's determined to get his electric bill down to the lowest possible amount.
Last week, he achieved his lowest bill yet...$26 for one month!

How does he manage to get his bill so low?

He turns the air off.
Completely off.
And leaves his sliding glass door to the apartment balcony open...

which in turn led to a swarm of flies taking up residence in his apartment.
They even trickled out into the hall...a large enough amount of them that apparently the neighbors feared he was dead!!

One neighbor burst down the door to check on my dad...only to find my dad merrily watching TV in the nude...with a bevy of flies filling the room.

I don't know who was shocked more...but I do know, my dad's new name is Lord of the Flies.

We went the very next day to buy a fly swatter for him. 


Kisma said...


Does he live in TX???

Sharlene T. said...

Oh, my!...oh, dear...oh,, my, my...oh, dear...aptly called...

Screwed Up Texan said...

OH MY WORD that is funny!!! We finally turned on our AC last week...and to think it is supposed to be 102-107 this weekend! YIKES

Ronnica said...

We've gotten ours down to $36 for an apartment, but $26 is impressive. Of course, we did without the flies, too!

Bunny said...

i take it the nudity was because of the heat without the aircon on!! LOL. so funny.


Jeff B said...

Hey there, it's been a while...

We haven't even looked at the air conditioner this year. It's raining and only in the low sixties. Come on sunshine!

I must say, the mental picture of your dad sitting there in his bare nothings holding nothing more than a fly swatter has me laughing.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

$26 - that's pretty low. I can't imagine getting my bill down that low. But if I have to sit around in the nude to live with it, I'd rather pay the regular bill. Icko!