Sunday, November 29, 2009

Strange things I've learned while on Twitter

I'm on Twitter a lot more now than I used to be.
(I'm TexasRhea)


Because I am helping the companies I work for Tweet:

And I've started "following" some interesting Twitterers.

NASA - I followed their recent Atlantis Shuttle mission to the Space Station and then it's landing.

I learned from ZAPPOS CEO Tony Hsieh that "Did u know if u put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will go up&down continuously? This has been our entertainment tonight."

I learned about Mystery Google, where you get what the person before you was searching for.

Cue scary, laughing manequin!

Have you learned anything interesting on Twitter?

Do you follow anyone famous?  Or infamous?


Dawna said...

I actually own one of two of those scary, laughing mannequins! Actually, only one of them is creepy, the other one is blowing a kiss. When I saw the picture in my Blogroll, I did a double take. Heck, the necklace actually resembles one of the Alpaca silver necklaces that I modeled on that creepy head for an eBay auction.

Dawna said...
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Susie said...

The most famous person I follow is Martha:-)