Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Traditions in the Country of Suburbia

For the last two years that I've lived in the suburbs of Dallas,
I've discovered some interesting traditions that are practice.

You basically put together a Halloween gift bag of goodies
with a special poem and a sign...

and then doorbell ditch the bag anonymously.

Once you've been hit, you get to put up this sign on your door:

And then it's your responsibility to carry on the event...
and hit two more neighbors with these surprises.

My mom (who we live with) decided to START it this year.

She likes to instigate things.

And she recruited my two hooligans to deliver the goods in the dark.

They loved it.

They snuck into neighbors yards and rang doorbells and ran.

And then we didn't put up a sign, hoping we get hit back in return.

And we did.
A few nights later.

Did you know about this Halloween tradition?
Have you ever participated?
Have you ever instigated?!


Sally-Ann said...

We've done it for Halloween and Christmas. We nearly got caught one Christmas, the funniest thing was my oldest son striking a pose in the middle of the front yard because the neighbors turned on their front light and started to open the door. "Be a tree!" was the instructions he hissed to his younger sister.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I love that idea. Every year I say I'm giong to start it but I never get around to it!

Justine said...

Yep, that's "You've been boo'd" and it is fun. Mikayla actually wants to start it in our neighborhood.

Justine :O )

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute hooligans! :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yes, and it's loads of fun!

home staging in Toronto said...

Hi. I heard about something similar but we have never participated. Probably if our children were smaller it would be very easy to persuade them to activity like this. I think that it could be fun. Very nice idea.

Best regards,

TentCamper said...

That is so funny. We were just talking about that yesterday. Though, in out not so friendly neighborhood, we'd most likely have the police called.

Susie said...

We got Boo'd last year for the first time:-) It was so fun!

Mariah said...

I love the BOO game!!! Nobody does it around here. :(