Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wicket's Warehouse

In Downtown Disney there was a place called Wicket's Warehouse.

Do you know who Wicket is?

He's the Ewok who saves Princess Leia on the Moon of Endor.

Well, in Disney's Wicket's Warehouse, you can buy all kinds of Star Wars paraphernalia.
My boys were in heaven.

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head

Storm Trooper helmets

Muppets Star Wars figures.

This photo came out blurry, but it's a T-shirt that says,

"When all else fails, send in the Wookiee."

Mickey and Minnie Skywalker dolls


Remy bought some of these key chain sized light-sabers.
They really light up.
and came in several colors.

It was a fun stop!!

We ended up getting some t-shirts.

Would you have bought anything?

What favorite movie would YOU buy T-shirts from?


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

How cool that ya'll had Star Wars weekends while you were there. Once while we were there, we saw a cute little blonde haired girl getting make up with Darth Maul. It was pretty hilarious...

Cristin said...

i might have gone for a muppet/star wars thingie but that's it.

movie t-shirt? The Jerk.

Cozyflier said...

So, it is in Downtown Disney now? Use to be just in Hollywood Studios during the Star Wars Weekends! We LOVE Wicket's Warehouse!!!! We have gone to 3 Star Wars events and love them!

I don't dare tell you how much my 22 yr old and I spent on collectibles and awesome jackets at this place last summer!!!!

Yes, we buy stuff!!!!!!!!!!


Susie said...

So cool:-)

Justine said...

i'm not a big Star Wars fan, so probably wouldn't have bought anything, but hell, that store is paradise for a boy, isn't it?

Justine ;o )

Meagan and John said...

i'm not a huge starwars fan either, actually I think I have only seen one of their shows and didn't get any of it--but I am a muppets fan, I love Kermit, so I would totally buy the star wars muppets