Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm a Hope Dealer

Everyone seems to think I'm in the porno industry.

I'm not.

Those were some great guesses though.

I work for the coolest company ever.
It's a credit restoration company.

I know credit repair has a bad rap...
because there are so many companies out there who promise things they shouldn't
and prey on people who really need help.

My company really does help people.
We work to educate people on credit, so they won't make the same mistakes.
We don't charge an arm and a leg either...
because hello, people who need credit repair don't have lots of spare money.

We love hearing from clients who have been able to purchase a home,
because we helped raise their credit score 150 points.

Our goal IS to provide hope to people.
To teach them.
To protect them about their rights.

To do a little good in our corner of the world.

Have you ever looked at your credit report?
Have you ever used a credit repair company?

By the way, I write the blog on my company's website.
Figures, right?!


Justine said...

Okay, so I was wrong, but this is way better anyway. It's so awesome that you have so much pride in your company and love your job so much. So rare these days!!!

Justine :o )

Susie said...

I used to work for a finance company so, I was part of the problem. After a while, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror so, I quit.

Anonymous said...

Your company is the kind of people I will have to become BFFs with. My student loans are killin' me. Killin' me. They are like four year's worth of the average person's salary.

I am glad there are companies like yours around, it feels like in the midst of all this financial crisis stuff we really need people who just want to help and not stick it to us!

Jen said...

never looked at me credit score, maybe I should.
I am glad that you like your work.

Cristin said...

ok, so I was wrong about the porn... but you know, if one did turn to porn one could possibly make enough money to improve their credit.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Yep, I used one about 5 years ago. We went with a reputable one and I think it did us a lot of good. We got out from under $20K in debt and learned some good lessons. I wish I could say my debt is entirely gone, but I'm still working on it. However, I know I'll never let it get that bad again.