Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taking note.


Yesterday, I caught my dad eating ice cream with his spaghetti.
Yesterday, my mom's black lab Seamus pooped on our carpet. Several times.
Yesterday, Remy left a piece of gum on the toilet seat after trying to spit it in the trash can.
Yesterday, my children got out of school early due to the threat of ice. No actual ice. Not one bit.
Yesterday night, that ice finally rained ice. But by then we were all in bed.
Yesterday, my husband fell asleep on the couch with his new love, the big screen TV.
Yesterday night, I shared MY bed with two boys and an 80lb dog.
Yesterday I was someone else.


Now I'm half asleep in my chair.
Now I'm thinking. slowly.
Now I know it's time to get moving.
Now I'm me.


Tomorrow I'm banning gum in the house.
Tomorrow I will not watch my father eat.
Tomorrow I will put a diaper on the black dog.
Tomorrow I send my kids to school no matter if there is ice or not.
Tomorrow I will watch LOST on that big screen TV.
Tomorrow I will probably end up sleeping with everyone in my bed.
Tomorrow I will be someone new.

Welcome to my life.

Who were you?
Who are you?
Who will you be?


cheatymoon said...

Love this post, Rhea.
Careful in the ice. Will be watching Lost tonight too.

Anonymous said...

I love this....

Willo said...

This is great! You were above me today on SITS! Just thought I would stop by and say hi!

Justine said...

Okay, the gum thing would have been REALLY funny had you sat on it with your bare coolie.
Ice cream and pasta? OMG... gross!!!!!
Who am I? How the hell should I know? YOU tell ME who I am!

Justine :o )

Unknown said...

This was a beautiful post!

Mama Dawg said...

Who were you? Yesterday, I was just me w/out any prospects of "getting some".
Who are you? Today, I found out I might be "getting some" in a few weeks w/someone I went to elementary school with.
Who will you be? Tomorrow, I will still be dirty texting with that same someone.

I know that seems shallow, but when you've gone without as long as this single mother has, this is high priority. Mama Dawg needs some play time.

Valarie Lea said...

Has your daddy been watching "elf"? Ya know weird combinations of spaghetti and all.

lynette355 said...

Yesterday I was breathing hard just to do any exercises.
Today I hope that I can get to Curves with all the ice (and they are open).
Tomorrow I will be thin! No not really. But you can always dream.

Sally-Ann said...

Great post!
Who were you? Carefree, organized, loved to travel,loved to dance (not good at it, just loved it)
Who are you? Worry ward, disorganized, still love to travel - it is just more complicated when I do now, still love to dance - just don't, today I am a woman who is doing loads and loads and loads of laundry, checking heads for head lice (yep, we have been tagged with the unspoken horror). And at the end of the day? More laundry and yukky smelling shampoo.
I am a Mum and wife and love it.
Who will you be?
A Mum and wife free of laundry. Able to travel on a whim, dance when the heck I want to. Probably still disorganized, but won't care.

Sally-Ann said...

Oops, meant to put worry wart, not worry ward

Anonymous said...

You're really good at this poem sh....stuff.

Yesterday I had my head in a vice with a migraine, today I feel human again and tomorrow I will become a maid cause it's cleaning day.

Teri said...

Yesterday I was a person who made herself go to the gym and realized later that it felt great.
Today I am a person who is making herself paint the hall. And I will like it later.
Tomorrow I will be a person who is excited that payday is the next day and I will be able to buy that Oreck vacuum finally. The floors are a wreck.

Life is cool.

sassy stephanie said...

Love when you do posts like this!

Cristin said...

Yesterday I was throwing up.
Today feeling better.
Tomorrow will be counting the hours until wine drinking time.

Mariah said...

Yesterday I was a nose picker
Right now I'm not
Today I won't be...
Oh heck who am I kidding?

Cheers to nose picking

Mariah said...

Oh yea-- and tonight I'll be watching LOST

ParentingPink said...

Great post! Love your blog too!

Thanks for stopping by my SITS featured blog today! I love meeting new bloggers!

Unknown said...

Well.. more figuratively.

I was Ms. B
I am Mrs. G
I will be Mrs. B

Jen said...

yesterday I was a nurse
Today I am a mommy
Tomorrow, who know.

Screwed Up Texan said...

I've been stuck inside with my three little boys when one of them should have been in school, but school got cancelled two days in a row. Growl (b/c there was no ice the first day).

Yesterday: I was the Neighborhood Party House when School Lets Out.

Today: I am The Candy Fiend.

Tomorrow: Who knows what will happen!

Anonymous said...

Once my Dad was ill I'd come home and find all sorts of things, but never spaghetti and ice cream.
This was very good. I like the way you think. ~Mary

Aunt Julie said...

I was: A frazzled Mommy running kids all over the planet in her beat-up Taurus wagon.
I am: An Empty Nester, missing her girls gobs!
I will be: Seeing those girls in a other words, a Mommy who's looking forward to doing Mom Kinda Stuff again.

Claremont First Ward said...

I LOVEd this!

Coachdad said...

I was me, am me, and will be me. Wouldn't want to be anything other than me.

Unknown said...

Yesterday I was in PJ's all day - snow day! Today I was an under pressure school secretary and tomorrow I will be a patient in OKC!

Btw are you in a new job, how's it going?

Unknown said...

Yesterday I was in PJ's all day - snow day! Today I was an under pressure school secretary and tomorrow I will be a patient in OKC!

Btw are you in a new job, how's it going?

Live.Love.Eat said...

I loved this post. I just wish I knew any of the answers to your questions. Uh - let's see:

I was someone who hated my job.
Now I am home without that job around everything I love.
Soon I will love what I do away from home.

Scary Mommy said...

Yesterday I enjoyed the snow day
Today it kicked my ass
Tomorrow I will LOVE dropping the kids off at school!

Momo Fali said...

I am hardly ever me. I am the teacher's aide, the laundress, the therapist, cook and chauffer. I guess I'm me right this very second when I'm typing these words though!

It's Me said...

Yesterday, I was a smelly fool after I bathed our 2 ton dog. Today I sat in a principal's conference, with a stiff suit on, and pretended to be professional. Tomorrow, I will sit in a law conference with other principals and I will pretend to be interested.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I was about to sign off.
I am marveling at this post right now.
I will remember this post.
Well done, Rhea!

Misty DawnS said...

Ohhhh you SO do NOT even want to get me started...

rebel said...

Yesterday I was watchin' it ice and sleet and snow.
Today I looked out the window at all the ice and snow.
Tomorrow I will look out the window at all the ice and snow.

Mrs Anne said...

i love this post!

hope all is well! I keep checking' my mailbox and can't wait to get my box!


Lane said...

Nice...yesterday I also was caught up in the I got to spend quality time sitting/laying on something comfy.

PS I also grew up in the Hill Country, but I live South of Dallas. I guess are paths aren't similar at all :)

---Lane (Sneaky Dad)

Nicole said...

I love this! & ewww to dad ice cream and spaghetti!?! Yesterday sound not so bueno! But tomorrow sounds delightful! =D

Thaanks for sharing your best of 09! SITS style =D

Charity said...

Aren't you glad we get to start over every day. Thanks fro sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR