Monday, January 26, 2009

Magical Mystery Photo Tour

We haven't played this game in a while.

But, reader Erika Jean requested it,
so here we are.

Give me your best guess!
And if you have no idea,
please make something up.

Because I love the wild guesses, the honest guesses, all the guesses.
You bring joy to my day.


Justine said...

Medicine vial

Looks like Light Bright pegs

Trouble game board

Binding of photo frame

It's a Waterford... something! Cake stand?

I'm sorry, but this one is friggin' gross. Inside of your stomach as seen through an endoscope?

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

The first is a pill bottle, the second to last is the inside of a cup or something, and the last one reminds me of remnants of a cooked turkey lol!

Jules said...

1) medicine bottle
2) eye dropper tops?
3) clueless
4) magnets?
5) ring holder
6) a science experiment gone awry (mold)

All Things BD said...

1) Medicine bottle
2) Game Pieces
3) Trouble board
4) Hinge of a double photo frame
5) Crystal ring holder
6) Cinnamon roll frosting

lynette355 said...

pill bottle
light brite pegs
trouble (pop o matic) lol
crystal ring holder
oyster or some sort of shell fish of that nature?

Shannon said...

1. Rx bottle

2. ???

3. Trouble board

4. hinge on something???

5. ring holder

6. this one scares me... is that a macaroni noodle I see? I'm going to go with some leftovers that you found in the back of the fridge...

Pseudo said...

1) Pill bottle
2)Baby bottle caps
3)Petri dishes
4)Fancy ass pencil
5)Crystal bundt cake dish
6)Science experiment one of your children grew in #3.

Mama Dawg said...

1. pill bottle
2. mini multi colored vibrators
3. clear legos
4. binder hinge
5. crystal ring holder
6. a bone

Dawna said...

1. Medicine Bottle
2. LiteBrite Pegs
3. Close up of a soap saver type soap dish
4. The gold thing is a hinge.
5. Crystal Sombrerro ring holder
6. A piece of stewed chicken that has been refrigerated.

The Blonde Duck said...

The second to last is a ring holder.

Anonymous said...

The first one is a Rx bottle. The rest? Boggled.

Denea said...

1. pill bottle
2. LiteBrite pegs
3. pop o'matic trouble game-board
4. some sort of hinge?
5. a glass juicer, bird's eye view
6. gosh, that's an interesting picture; is it going to attack?

Burfica said...

okay lets see, since most people took my answers. hahahaha

1. pill bottle
2. light brite pegs
3. trouble game board
4. hinge on something
5. the top/handle to a crystal bowl, maybe candy dish thing.
6. a sea shell real up close.

Unknown said...

I see a pill bottle, lite brite pegs, a hinge, a Waterford crystal ring holder and some kind of shell.

Unknown said...

Cool, your guessing game is back. I missed it!!!

1 .. Pill bottle

2 .. Ummmmm .. well, I wouldn't like to step on it !!

3 .. Leggo piece ??

4 .. A fancy brass rod thing. For beating your hubby and kids?

5 .. Looks just like my crystal ring holder, so I'm going with a crystal ring holder..

6 ... Something that Annie ate then threw up??

Just read Kat's blog. Glad to see that Michael is stable..

Jen said...

Here are my guesses
1. pill bottle
2. LED Christmas lights
3. lego
4. back of a book
5. your diamond engagement ring
6. inside of a very dirty cat's mouth

Swirl Girl said...

one of them is the game of trouble board, one of them looks like a ring holder dish and the last one...ick, whatever it is!

Suzanne C said...

Prescription bottle
crystal ring holder
boiled chicken or a star trek experiment gone awry!
If it's chicken don't tell me because my stomach is still churning!

Great blog, by the way!

Aunt Julie said...

1. Top of a prescription bottle
2. Xmas lites
3. Trouble game board
4. part of a 3-ring binder or some other kind of clipboard/notebook thingy
5. Crystal cake stand
6. moldy leftovers

I'm glad you've reprised this. I've missed it!

BTW, Uncle Lynn decided to join the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, so we're having an impromptu Pop'rs Giveaway this week!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hm, the first one is giving me a headache, where's mah pills?

Amy said...

Rx Bottle
light bright game pieces
trouble game
crochet needle/pencil?
ring holder
sea shell

Anonymous said...

LOL..I'm so bad at this...
I got perscription bottle
light bright pegs
knitting needle
crystal ring tray
and the last one made me throw up a little in my I can't wait to find out what that was...

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! (and I'm sorry everyone read your comment but it WAS really funny!)
1. Pill bottle lid
2. Light bright clue
4.looks like the hinge on something
5. Ring holder
6. Part of a mushroom? (no clue)

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Oh yay, I've missed this.

1. Pill bottle lid
2. Light bright pegs
3. Board to the Trouble game
4. Light up section of your purple cowgirl hat (how's that for a wild guess?)
5. Waterford ring holder (I've got one too)
6. Looks like an owl pellet from Science class. It's nasty whatever it is.

sue said...

Perscription bottle,
Lite bright pegs
trouble game board
hinge on a binder
ring holder
ham bone

Erika Jean said...

Without reading the others...
1. Pill bottle.. though the orange part just doesn't look right to me.. hmmm
2.I'm going to go wih markers/pens with push pit tops?
4. a hinge to something? a jewelry box maybe?
5. Waterford crystal....candy dish?
6. the plague? or up a turkey's butt?

Thanks so much for doing these!! they are so fun! and I like to read everyone's after I guess. I get a god chuckle out of it ;-)

Erika Jean said...

i don't know why the word pit go throw in there oops

Trooper Thorn said...

Easy. They are all pictures of Habitrail's Nuclear Reactor Set attachment.

Twisted Fencepost said...

#1 pill bottle
#2 no idea
#3 Trouble game board
#4 no idea
#5 crystal ring dish
#6 turkey carcass

How'd I do?

Indy said...

You people are good.

Misty DawnS said...

1. Prescription Bottle
2. Some kind of lights
3. Trouble game board
4. ummmmmmmm a hinge???
5. a crystal ring holder
6. I dunno, but I'm gonna have nightmares about it! ;-)

P.S. I used your name & link over at Pioneer Woman's blog just a few minutes ago :-D Don't worry, it's just cuz I likes ya so much ;-)

Linda said...

I love this game, because I'm rarely correct. I'm not even gonna look at anyone else's answers until I'm done. Honest.
1. med bottle
2. caps for colored markers
3. baby bottle caps
4. some sort of stylus for carving clay
5. crystal jewelry ring holder
6. good grief, do I even want to know what that is? It looks like tripe. Or maybe an enlarged kidney stone. LOL

p.s. and I'm not even gonna say a word about your unfortunate vomiting incident. Just cuz it's all over the internet now, I don't need to bring it up. Just lovin' ya!

Cathy said...

1. medicine bottle cap
2. light bright pegs
3. sorry game
4. metal tape worm just kiddin
5. orange juicer thing..I can't remember the actual name
6. fungus, IDK